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Kia Ora! I’m Angus, and I’ve been working with Caliber since January. I was brought in to write a white paper or two on the applications of computational tools for a few Caliber-related industries. Quickly, this changed to an analysis project with a client in...

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What Makes Joe a Caliber Engineer?

What Makes Joe a Caliber Engineer?

When I was younger I always enjoyed taking things apart to understand how they worked. As soon as I understood something, I got bored and moved onto the next thing, usually leaving things dismantled in a heap. I really enjoyed physics in school and the idea of...

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7 questions to ask before developing a new product

If you're developing a new product, we encourage you to do the necessary background work before you invest time and money in designing it. Persevere, ask questions, talk to the experts ... great products take time, effort, and determination to develop! Here’s a...

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Types and applications of FEA

There are many different types of analysis supported by the finite element method. Below is an explanation of the main types of FEA and their applications: Linear or Non-linear All analyses can be classed as being linear or non-linear. Whenever the ‘initial...

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