How did you get into engineering?

From early on I was interested in pulling things apart and making contraptions which I guess is a natural progression into engineering.

What makes working for Caliber different from the other engineering companies you’ve worked for?

The biggest difference is the variety of the work. While a lot of the work is fundamentally the same, the projects are different and each company has a unique approach, which provides a continuous learning environment.

What is the most interesting project you’ve worked on or are currently working?

One of the most interesting and challenging projects was an Oven Cavity line for SCOTT Technology that involved complex automation and flexible manufacturing. Another project was designing an automated net fence machine. Both projects were manufactured locally so I had the opportunity to see these lines running which is not usual.  

What does an average day at Caliber look for you?

A catch-up meeting with the team, planning, design and making models, visiting the factory to see the progress and some documentation. The company I am at the moment has a culture where we have social time together for breaks and encourages a healthy work life balance.

What’s a dream project you’d like to work on in the future or one you’ve worked on already?

One that comes to mind is a vegetable polisher that I’m currently working on. The project predominately began from scratch and it has been satisfying to be involved from the beginning through to completion.

The frame I designed for this machine is all folded, stainless and riveted, not welded. This vegetable polisher has the capacity for approximately 600kg of carrots or potatoes.

Essentially all washed vegetables at the supermarket in NZ will have gone through one of these machines.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Lots of sailing!  Usually harbour racing. I enjoy racing on Saturdays in Lyttelton harbour and other races up the coast like Spencer Park, Akaroa, or out past Pigeon Bay. It’s usually quite full on!

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