How did you get into engineering?

I’ve been a tinkerer since I was young, often getting into trouble for taking items apart which I should not have been doing. Once I found out about mechanical engineering in year 6, the future was obvious to me.

What do you enjoy most about mechanical engineering?

The scope of the field. The versatility of the skills and their applications. The challenges. That satisfaction of seeing the physical object which was originally formed in my mind.

What engineering experience did you have before you came to Caliber?

Very little! I was privileged enough to get a job at Caliber Design two weeks after my final exams in university. It was originally meant to be a short-term offer. But with quick learning and a sharp mind, I was able to prove myself worth staying. I did work as an intern at TruTest and on an Auckland University of Technology research project while still studying though.

Since starting to work at Caliber Design, my experience has grown in leaps and bounds, with clients generally requesting for my return. I’m not intending on having that change.

What makes working for Caliber different from the other engineering companies you’ve worked for?

The variety. That’s it. The variety.

What does the average day of a Caliber engineer look like?

An average day for me consists of starting work as early as I can to miss as much traffic as possible. I find it is also the best time to get important work done as there are fewer people around to ask questions. I generally only look at my emails twice a day to prevent my main task from being de-railed too often. I find addressing emails after tea and lunch to be the best time for me as my flow has already been broken and so has everyone else’s. During winter spend the last little bit of the daylight outdoors once I am home. Depending on the day of the week; I will either go swimming or go to one of the few groups for an activity. I also enjoy catching up on technology news and playing around with my virtual machines. Between all this I will fit in some disconnected time and do any housework which needs to be done. Then it is off to bed for some needed sleep before the next day.

Is there a particular project that’s been a highlight of your career?

There have been many projects which I have thoroughly enjoyed working. There has not been a “one project to rule them all!” though. Probably a good thing at my age! What makes projects enjoyable is a good team-based atmosphere where problem solving around constraints is the main focus.

What does your dream project involve?

Concept design, design analysis, detail design, and build it. It needs everything. Creativity, lateral problem solving, vision, analytical/critical thinking, teamwork, and hands on tools… it’s research and development.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?

Too many things! I love fiddling with technology and often find myself in the belly of Linux or playing with virtual machines. I enjoy rendering, designing something in Solidworks or Inventor, sim-racing, immersing myself in VR and much more!

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