How did you get into engineering?

I was always interested in figuring out how things work and fixing things and I was pretty good at math and science, so it kind of all fell into place. My dad and my grandfather are engineers as well and we did a lot of DIY around the house, fixing vehicles, bikes and things in the yard.

What do you enjoy most about mechanical engineering?

I like seeing things being made and getting stuck into a problem. Figuring it out, defining it, analysing it and effectively communicating a solution. Then somewhere down the track I might get to see the final outcome and be able to reflect on my contribution to the job. It’s satisfying to eventually see something pop out the other end that was a result of my work.

What makes working for Caliber different from the other engineering companies you’ve worked for?

Working for a range of different business teaches to adapt quickly, every business has a different way of doings. You have to be a lot more flexible and pick things up quickly. You’re always figuring out a new client’s systems and how different people like to receive information. On one of my recent projects, I was dealing with four different departments and people from various technical backgrounds. Being the new guy on the block, I had to find out how everyone worked together!

Is there a particular project that’s been a highlight of your career?

Working in the Aluminum smelting industry I worked on many interesting projects in which we re-designed and commissioned a range of large material handling equipment such as conveyors, saws and crushers. I enjoyed working on a variety of mechanical equipment found in a smelter as well as figuring out how to install such large equipment under tight production down times.

What does an average day at Caliber look like for you?

Probably like many other mechanical engineers; I turn up to work and solve the given problem to the best of my ability. I work with a variety of people to understand and define the problem we are working on in order to converge on the right solution. There are a lot of good answers but they will all be for nothing if you haven’t asked the right questions!

What does your dream project involve?

A mechanical design project with a range of complexities and a good bunch of people. I enjoy tackling challenging mechanical problems and working with people across different disciplines to get a job done.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?

My most singular passion is rock climbing. I’ve been rock climbing for eight years. I enjoy going on adventures into the mountains. My favourite place is Fiordland National Park because of its wild granite cliffs!

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