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We hope you got a chance to soak up the sunshine over the Easter break and ANZAC day is beckoning!

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It’s already been a busy year for Caliber; winning repeat business from existing clients and working on new projects with old friends. The transition to our new brand has gone very well and we’ve also been busy setting up new systems to allow us to automate many of our processes so we can provide even better service to our customers. We recently launched our new website and Mel Opie, our Marketing Coordinator has done a fantastic job. This is stage one for the website and we’ll be adding to it this quarter to bring more value to clients with our online knowledge base.

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Rock Star Economy – The NZ Engineering Sector

Many of you would have seen recent reports in the media regarding New Zealand’s so called rock star economy. NZ has the fastest growing economy of the 44 OECD countries and our GDP is expected to rise by 4.3% this year.

We’ve noticed that business confidence in the Engineering sector has been high in Q1 with many businesses engaging in large projects, both within NZ and off-shore. The continued rise of the NZ$ has put pressure on exporters, especially in the commodity sector, but NZ continues to be an attractive region for engineering projects. Engineering capability and quality have a lot to do with this and NZ engineering businesses continue to innovate and think outside of the box.

Many businesses are mitigating risk early in the design process with thorough analysis enabling them to reduce their manufacturing costs and create more value, thus increasing product margin. This applies equally to existing designs as it does to new designs. In a competitive market, it’s good business sense to review older designs on a regular basis. While Kiwi’s still have the number 8 wire attitude to getting things done, it’s worth remembering ‘a dollar invested in R&D is repaid multiple times when the product gets to market’. Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss how we could help you.

high caliber quizWhat is the smallest whole number larger than 1 that when you multiply it by 3 and subtract 2 from the result the answer is the reverse of the first number. Email us your answer by 31 May 2015 and go in the draw for a $50 movie voucher.

What’s your area of expertise?

We’re often asked “What’s your area of expertise?” The question generally comes from a desire to understand our capability within a certain sector, or product area within “Engineering” which can cover a huge range of variables.

In response, all of our design team are qualified engineers, and our differentiator is the application of engineering rigor and analysis throughout every project. We have very broad experience over a wide and diverse range of both industries and products. We’ve worked on projects in aerospace, medical, marine, food-handling, conveyors, packaging, refrigeration, agriculture, plastics, electronics, and energy to name a few. And this applies to the areas of product and machine design, research and development, process and manufacturing design, and engineering analysis. The gallery on our website showcases many of the projects we’ve been involved in.

We’re proud of our team and continue to develop our capabilities. Rest assured that if you’re looking for a skill set that isn’t within our current capabilities, we’ll consult with you and put you in touch with one of our partners, such as Motovated Design & Analysis or Locus Research, to ensure you get the right resource for your project.

tips from our expertsA robust drawing system helps produce quality drawings every time with minimal hassle. Time invested in setting up a robust system now will save you money in the future, because you can produce better quality work, faster. Here we share some tried and tested tips on how to setup a professional drawing system.

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