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Scott specialise in the design and manufacture of automated production, robotics and process machinery. A leading expert in automation & robotic solutions globally that improve productivity, reliability, yield, and safety for manufacturers and processors in industries. Widely recognised, as a world-class builder of advanced automation systems, particularly for the appliance, meat processing, mining and materials handling industries globally.


  • Scott Technology Christchurch were commissioned by their client to build a new automated production line to manufacture a series of new high-end ovens. Failure to deliver the machine to the client on time would result in a financial penalty to Scott Technology.
  • Scott Technology required experienced engineers who were able to get up to speed quickly with their processes and understand the requirements in designing automated machinery to their high standard.
  • Scott Technology identified early in the project timeline that they needed extra design resource to help develop the machine and deliver it to manufacture.
  • Caliber were able to provide engineers with the required skills, as well as the ability to vary the number of engineers working on the project as Scott Technology requested, and also increase the number of hours each week to further help achieve deadlines.


  • By quickly merging with the existing Scott Technology design team we could work alongside them very effectively to develop the design for the automated oven line, using their past experience and adding some of our own where necessary.
  • The Caliber team delivered fully designed and detailed portions of the machine. Their design work not only included full detailed drawings, but also all the necessary stress and deflection calculations, FEA, drive sizing, cylinder sizing and circuits.
Cavotech MoorMaster baseframe analysis