CASE STUDY | Frozen Confectionery Conveyors

Automac Engineering Limited specialises in the design and manufacture of conveyors and packaging machinery used in food and beverage processing industries.

As part of a larger project, we were tasked with the design of two separate multi lane conveyors for installation at a frozen confectionery manufacturing facility in Auckland. The scope was fairly complex: the product had to go through various bends and lane pitch changes and the conveyor itself had to be easy to assemble and disassemble. Design for safety, hygiene, assembly, reliability and serviceability were also paramount.
To minimise cost and assembly time for the workshop, we developed a semi-modular design that comprised of mainly low cost profiled sheet metal components, spindle moulded plastics, and very little welding. Iterative design enabled us to minimise cost and develop a robust system that should be readily serviceable throughout its life cycle.
Conveyors have successfully passed FAT and are awaiting installation.
Cavotech MoorMaster baseframe analysis
Cavotech MoorMaster baseframe analysis

Caliber Design was seconded to work with Automac for over a year on a number of projects, forming a core part of their design team. Our engineer was involved with plant layouts, scoping, concepting, detailed design, procurement, overseeing manufacture, and site visits to verify installs.

Using the Caliber Seconded Engineering service, Automac were able to increase the manpower in their design office with an engineer who could hit the ground running and provide well-engineered results.

Wayne Le Sueur

Managing Director, Caliber Design