CASE STUDY | Windry Gumboot Dryer

Soggy gumboots. Most of us have experienced them. Easing your feet into a pair of cold and wet, or warm and clammy, gumboots is not a pleasant experience!

How do you quickly and effectively dry wet gumboots? Many have tried to come up with a solution – fancy electric warmers (expensive), stuffing boots with newspapers (creates another job), upside-down-boot-hanging-racks (take up a lot of space), smuggling boots into the home linen cupboard (not popular with other linen cupboard users).

An elegantly moulded piece of plastic, inserted into each boot and placed in a slight breeze (5km per hour minimum) and the miracles of modern physics and evaporation do the job. You don’t need heat or power, and even saturated boots are dry by morning.

The WinDry system works by catching and directing air deep into your gumboot so that it circulates dry air right up to the toe. All that’s needed is a natural breeze. Of course, WinDry will perform better if it’s warm or the breeze is strong.

This solution came through collaboration between Jonathan Prince, mechanical engineer and Director of Caliber Design; Tony Smith, a textile and footwear designer; and Tony Blunt, a South Island farmer and former NZ Young Farmer of the Year.

The WinDry product won silver and bronze prizes at the New Zealand Best Awards for design and sustainability. The gumboot drying system is sustainable, simple, unique, and highly useful … and they are scientifically tested to work.

"They are amazing, they work in very light winds and even overnight. From internally saturated gumboots to dry. The more wind, the quicker they dry."

Tony Blunt

Farmer, Steepdown, Kaikoura