CASE STUDY | Milk Crate Conveyor

Automac Engineering Limited specialises in the design and manufacture of conveyors and packaging machinery used in food and beverage processing industries.


Automac were contracted to develop a new milk storage facility.

Part of this was the requirement for loading, splitting, and merging conveyors that could handle up to two tonnes of product, as well as a separate manual lifter/feed system.

This aspect of the job was completely new territory for Automac and they had no firm idea how long it would take.

Automac Milk Crate Conveyor


With the help of a Caliber engineer, Automac were able to complete the project in time and on budget. The various components of this system were manufactured and installed successfully. Some specifics about the project include:

  • As the Automac design team were already under a heavy workload, one of our Caliber design engineers was engaged to develop the designs.
  • Caliber had experience developing a singulating conveyor previously so, by sharing that knowledge, Automac were able to accurately budget the time and cost of the project.
  • We developed a system based around a series of low cost sheet metal profiled/folded parts and minimal weldingusing this method the equipment was quick and easy to assemble. Strategic use of cross bars and strong-backs also enabled us to minimise the amount of stainless steel required.
  • The manual lifter/feeders were also a complete custom design and required a range of concepts to be developed in a very short time frame.
  • Throughout this project, our engineer was responsible for design, detailing, procurement, and overseeing manufacture.

Automac’s customer, who build storage facilities worldwide, were impressed with the quality of the design and build. As a result, Automac has been contracted to work on several other projects with this client in New Zealand and overseas.

Cavotech MoorMaster baseframe analysis

Caliber's role was an essential component of this overall conveying project. Having a Caliber engineer there meant that we could get the project completed on time. Caliber's experience and adaptability meant that we could leave their engineer with a high level of autonomy throughout the design and project management of this equipment.

Hayden Nelson

Director, Automac Engineering Ltd

Milk Crate Stacker