CASE STUDY | Powder Handling System

Fresco Systems Limited (FSL) are a bulk handling company based in Auckland. They specialise in powder handling systems for Dairy, Food & Beverage, Chemical and Water Treatment applications. They are a global company with significant business in Australasia and the Middle East.


Several successful sales in quick succession resulted in a temporary peak workload that put a strain on Fresco’s in-house design team. Management recognised that they needed more engineers to meet tight project deadlines.

  • Caliber has a strong history working with Fresco so, collectively, the Caliber team has a lot of specific experience to draw on.
  • Our engineers were internally briefed and trained on Fresco’s projects and workflow prior to starting so that they could add value from day one.
  • Caliber’s resourcing fluidity gave the client the level of assistance they needed, when they needed it; at different phases we had anywhere from 1 to 3 Caliber engineers working alongside the Fresco Design Team.
  • The team embraced Fresco’s new document control methods. The Caliber team contributed to automating Fresco’s procedures with the help of macros resulting in considerable time savings.
  • Along with the design and drawings, they performed FE analysis where required to validate the design. They also coordinated with suppliers and certification engineers to meet project timelines.
  • The extra drafting support Caliber provided enabled Fresco to expedite drawing releases and give their manufacturing department the best chance of meeting tight deadlines.
  • Caliber engineers handed over three projects with all design, production drawings, and project documentation.
  • The project was successfully commissioned for the client in the Middle East.