CASE STUDY | Wastewater Treatment Plant

Service Engineers are a heavy fabrication company established in the 1980s and based in the North Shore, Auckland. They have strong project management, design, and safety skills which has made them successful in many industries; including Water and Waste Water, Infrastructure, Petrochemical, Energy, and Construction.


Service Engineers had won a design/build/install contract for the mechanical services for an entire wastewater treatment plant. The scale of design work was massive and they had not been able to recruit suitable people. The project was significantly behind schedule.


Caliber have strong design, analysis, and documentation procedures and were able to supply a team of engineers who integrated into Service Engineer’s team. Caliber’s engineers worked collaboratively with the office, site, and fabrication teams to ensure designs and documentation was brief to highlight critical requirements. Close liaison with the project program ensured outputs, personnel, and work hours were adapted to suit changes when they occurred.

Experience with API Tank and mechanical equipment, and support design, allowed a thorough design process and prevented redesigns once reviewed by Service Engineers, their client, and certifying authorities.


High quality design and documentation resulted in lower fabrication costs and quick installation with minimal rework, a happy client and satisfied customer.

Cavotech MoorMaster baseframe analysis