Technical, managerial and site management ensures successful project delivery

Project Engineers are responsible for managing all the technical details of a project. They work on projects that involve multiple engineering disciplines and act as a technical conduit between them all.

Project Engineers allow Project Managers to remain at a higher level, acting as their eyes and ears for all site work, design, and commissioning. Project Engineers are involved with the “nuts and bolts” of a project; they apply a macro lens to the project and work with stakeholders across your project to ensure it’s finished in full, on time, and in spec.

What is Project Engineering?


  • Specification writing and reviewing through gathering information from customers and suppliers
  • Layouts and high level concept development
  • Engineering design and BOMs
  • Coordinating certifying engineers and external contractors


  • Tracking project timeline and budget against actual
  • Risk identification and management
  • Liaising/Reporting to a Project Manager
  • Managing suppliers project timelines


  • Site inspection and documenting findings
  • Managing manufacture and assembly
  • Factory acceptance testing/Site acceptance testing
  • Installation, Commissioning, Problem Solving

Why use a Caliber Project Engineer?

  • EXPERIENCE – Our engineers are all qualified design engineers and have experience across multiple industries and projects. They are practical, hands-on and will get the job done.
  • KNOWLEDGE – Through experience, the Caliber collective has developed an immense knowledge base for mechanical design theory and practice across all industries.
  • STANDARDS – We use industry standard project management techniques within your existing framework. No reinventing the wheel here, rather augmenting your existing practices.
  • SYSTEMS – Tested and proven systems, procedures, and templates.
  • EASE – Easy to integrate into your business. We join your project when you need us. No recruitment, no PAYE, no leave to administer … just a competent engineer who can hit the ground running.
  • IMPROVE COMMUNICATION & WORKFLOW – A project engineer can be the connection between your design team and other stakeholders.
  • SUPPORT – Works alongside your project manager to ensure cost, scope, and time are managed and understood from a technical standpoint, reducing their managerial load and filling technical knowledge gaps.

"We were happy with the results. Happy with the technical aspect and professionalism, the reporting, the communication."

Cory Murray, Quality & Design Manager, Page Macrae

Project Engineering Case Studies

Nyrstar Dust Controlled Port Hopper

Dust Controlled Port Hopper


Seconded project engineering and design team delivers results within strict timeframe.

Auckkland Zoo enclosure design

Orangutan Habitat


Involved from concepting to installation on this world class project for Auckland Zoo.

Scale Up Polymerisation Reactor LIGAR POLYMERS

Polymerisation Reactor


Specify, design and manufacture new reactor as part of commercialisation process.

"In my opinion it’s the best orangutan habitat in a zoo, anywhere in the world."

Amy Robbins, Team Leader, Primates, Auckland Zoo

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