* good bugger = a friend, a person who is a giver and not a taker. #kiwi #slang

To be a Caliber engineer, you need to pass numerous technical tests, but we also place a high degree of importance on emotional intelligence … our employees need to pass ‘the good bugger’ test.

Each month we celebrate our team with the *Good Bugger Award* – there’s even a trophy!

Caliber Good Bugger Awards

September 2020

Dave was acknowledged for the mentoring and support that he’s offering our younger engineers and the great work he’s doing at Wyma Solutions. Meanwhile, up in Auckland Paul has been going above and beyond, supporting a client to update their practices and save a heap of time and money in the process. Paul’s also doing a great job behind the scenes on Caliber’s sustainability project.

Caliber Design Good Bugger - Tim Phillips

May 2020 - Christchurch

Tim gets special mention this month for some very clever calcs he did for a client … these calcs are now driving a very clever machine. Good on you Tim.

Michael Kaye and Matt Evans, Good Buggers

July 2020

Congratulations to two Caliber Good Buggers: Michael Kaye and Matt Evans. Both are working incredibly hard on a project for Page Macrae. We appreciate your skill and dedication team!

Jonathan Bousfield, Good Bugger

May 2020 - Auckland

Jonathan was nominated by our two directors to receive the Good Bugger award, to acknowledge the fantastic work he did on a design checking system for Freezing Solutions Limited (FSL).

Jamie Emmart, Good Bugger

April 2020 - Auckland

During lockdown, Jamie was nominated by two colleagues to receive the Good Bugger award.  Despite the challenging conditions, Jamie was instrumental in creating an “optimistic, enthusiastic, and productive team” and “he always has a smile and is more than happy to help”.

Caliber Design Good Bugger - Mel Opie

June 2020 - Christchurch

This month, Mel was nominated for pulling out all the stops during the lockdown period. We’ve got lots of exciting new projects on the go, and Mel has a hand in many of them.

Caliber Design Good Bugger - Joe Stadler

April 2020 - Christchurch

Joe was nominated for the award by a colleague who appreciated Joe going the extra mile for a client. He explained that a major issue had been unearthed on their project … “Joe was great at engaging and updating people as we progressed. He was instrumental in setting up some horrifically cumbersome calculations to quantify the issue, and always happy to answer my quick questions, which would often turn into an hour or more discussion. I think that his attitude has been a big part of resolving the issue.” 

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