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Ataif Khan-Edmundson

Ataif Khan-Edmundson

Design Engineer

BE Mech (Hons)


In 2012 Ataif graduated from Canterbury University with a Bachelor of Engineering with second class honours in Mechanical Engineering. Since graduating, Ataif has worked for a short period as a Research Assistant at the University of Canterbury, followed by three years at Fisher & Paykel as a refrigeration systems Product Development Engineer.


I am a mechanical engineer that takes on challenges and uses a thorough design method to accurately produce engineering solutions. Through excellent communication and transparency matched with technical aptitude, I provide results that best meet our client’s requirements.

I have worked in product development on technical projects that have set outcomes and rely heavily on teamwork and rigorous testing. I also have experience in the materials handling industry, designing automated machines for one-off projects. Combining my knowledge of systematic design processes with my experience in the design of custom machinery, I can provide well thought out solutions to a wide variety of engineering problems.

  • Collaboration / team work
  • Communication
  • Flexible
  • Innovative / creative thinking
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Listening
  • Logical thinking
  • Motivated
  • Problem solving
  • Reliable
  • Concept development
  • Design
  • Analysis
  • Engineering calculations
  • Validation
  • Product development


  • Inventor
  • Microsoft Office suite
  • ProEngineer
  • Python



  • Automation
  • Conveyors
  • Heavy industry
  • Materials handling
  • Mining
  • Plastics
  • Product
  • Production equipment
  • Refrigeration

Project Experience

Crush & Split Sample Loading System

AIM Altitude

Latam Airlines Refresh Project

Worked in a design team to complete the design for front row, cabin units for a Latam Airlines refresh project across four aircraft types.

Supported a lead designer in the design of a new front row, business class seat unit for a new set of 777 aircraft. Started the design from a preliminary review and mock up stage and developed final production models adhering to the strict aviation standards for materials and stresses.

Crush & Split Sample Loading System


Crush & Split Sample Loading System

Detailed design for an automated sample loading system for the mining industry. Design included multiple conveyors and a lifting and tipping mechanism and the interaction between these stations.


Design and loading analysis of a press frame for a clinch joint station on an automated assembly line. The frame was designed in conjunction with analyses of the loading cases to determine overall deflections and keep them below the tooling limits.

University of Canterbury


Acoustics emissions of artificial hip joint replacements

Ataif researched, and contributed to a scientific paper on, the acoustic emissions of artificial hip joint replacements and looked at methods of sensing these vibrations. He performed real time and frequency analysis to determine the characteristics of tissue attenuation.

Crush & Split Sample Loading System


Dairy Hoppers

Made alterations to hopper and storage tank designs provided by dairy industry clients. These changes were required to make them suitable for manufacture and to ease the forming and fabrication processes to build them.


Interpreted and re-designed an architects model for an art piece at the Sylvia Park mall complex in Auckland. Produced models and relevant drawings to laser cut and fabricate components and then assisted with construction by providing detailed drawings and dimensions for the fabricators and builders as they built the pod.

Windry Gumboot Drier


Energy Consumption Reduction in Refridgerators

Ataif is proud to have been part of the team that reduced the energy consumption of now available refrigerators in the Australian and New Zealand market by 100kWhr/yr. This was achieved predominantly by optimising the thermodynamic interactions of components in the refrigerators.

Refridgerator Improvements

Ataif designed and modified parts for refrigerators. He performed structural and modal analysis of CAD part models, and analysed the noise and vibration of small electric components such as compressors and DC fans. The analyses included identifying natural frequencies, evaluating system interactions, and reducing negative vibration. Ataif was involved with the processes and logistics of scheduling and progressing parts from design stage to production. He created part plans, carried out testing, and supervised new project builds in the Thailand factory.

Automated Sample Handing System

Designed multiple conveyors with gating and shifting mechanisms to be coupled with robot transfers. Made design modifications to the robot gripper and sand-wash station. Completed drawings and put together purchasing lists to close off the design phase of the project.