Authentic values underpin everything we do.

Focus on the customer and everything else will follow.

Do the right thing and do things right.


Learning is a must.

Professional, responsible, accountable.


Real transparency.


Clear planning and procedures

To ensure everyone is clear about what the job entails and the deliverables.

Weekly status report

An email that outlines what has been done, the plan for the week, any issues, any variations or ‘out of scope’ requests, and any opportunities we can see to improve the project we’re working on.


Caliber engineers are backed by the Caliber Networka tight team of experienced colleagues and a powerful suite of proven resources that they can call on.


Caliber leadership stands firmly behind every one of our engineers. You’ll receive a regular phone call (as agreed upfront) from one of our leadership team to ensure the project is on target and you are happy with Caliber’s performance.


We will not go over budget without approval.


We appreciate the need to meet deadlines and will work with you to ensure your deadlines are met. Our employees have the flexibility to put in the extra hours when required to get the job donewe will not go over time without discussion.

Quality engineers

Professional, passionate engineers that will hit the ground running. Our engineers will quickly adopt your processes and systems … and have the experience and resources to pull from when/if required.


Rotational policy

To ensure future availability of staff familiar with your systems, we work on a rotational policy for our seconded engineers of approximately 3 months.

Quality work

Whether our engineers are seconded into your workplace, working remotely, or working from Caliber headquarters, you are assured of a quality job. Our systems are set up to follow best practice and provide the best opportunity for success.


Paul Hawken


Tell Us About Your Strengths

Tell Us About Your Strengths

"There is no more effective way to empower people than to see each person in terms of his or her strengths." (Don Clifton PhD, the Father of Strengths Psychology, 1924-2003)Learning is one of our core values at Caliber. Right now, one of our focuses is learning about...

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Planning to Thrive – A Sustainable Future

Planning to Thrive – A Sustainable Future

At Caliber Design we don't want to just exist, we want to thrive and help our clients and community thrive too. Throughout 2020, our Sustainability Working Group has been doing the hard work to look at and improve our environmental and social...

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Prize Projects from the Next Generation of Engineers

Prize Projects from the Next Generation of Engineers

Caliber is passionate about supporting the next generation of mechanical engineers; we do this through judging, mentoring, presentations, sponsorship, and internships. Last month I joined a panel of my peers from across the mechanical engineering spectrum as an...

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Sustainability Review & New Initiatives

Sustainability Review & New Initiatives

This year we've setup a Sustainability Working Group, to look at our sustainability practices across the company—from the ink we use, to the suppliers we choose, to the recommendations we make to our clients about machine design.We're developing our local supply chain...

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New Ways for Engineers to Think About Wellbeing

New Ways for Engineers to Think About Wellbeing

As part of our sustainability development, we’ve been reviewing our practices around wellbeing and the wellbeing of our team. We aspire “to do the right thing and do things right” in all aspects of our business. Looking after our team is a top priority.

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Laying the Foundations for Sustainable Practice

Laying the Foundations for Sustainable Practice

Sustainable design has been a passion of our Director, Jonathan Prince, for decades. So he's feeling pretty chuffed to now have a Sustainability Working Group at Caliber. Led by Design Engineers Paddy Carracher and Colin French, our team of representatives across the...

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