Our vision and mission to make a difference.

In 2020 we formed a Sustainability Working Group, with representatives from across the company, to review our sustainability practices and make a sustainability business plan—from the ink we use, to the suppliers we choose, to the recommendations we make to our clients about machine design.

Through this process, we have distilled our Definition, Vision, and Mission for sustainability at Caliber.


Sustainable design isn’t just about making ‘green’ decisions … it’s about identifying and decreasing waste and enhancing functionality and value; increasing efficiency and driving down costs; designing products with the whole life cycle in mind … while business, people and the planet thrive long term.


Our vision is to lead the way in commercially viable sustainable engineering practices. We aim to develop the tools, knowledge, expertise, and influence to inspire our clients and industry to follow suit.


Sustainability at Caliber means always focusing on the triple bottom line, while making informed decisions that positively contribute toward the economy, society, and the environment.  It means doing the right thing—ensuring that we are an agile, resilient, successful business while actively applying sustainable best practice and supporting our clients and industry to do the same.

It is our mission to leverage our unique position to guide, influence, empower, and inspire our team and clients to design for sustainability. To do this, we will continue to build knowledge across our team; work to understand the quantifiable business value of sustainable design; develop skills and resources to make sustainable design solutions more accessible internally and externally; provide meaningful facts and figures so that our clients can make informed decisions; and encourage our clients towards best practice.

Caliber’s Commitment to Sustainability

New Ways for Engineers to Think About Wellbeing

New Ways for Engineers to Think About Wellbeing

As part of our sustainability development, we’ve been reviewing our practices around wellbeing and the wellbeing of our team. We aspire “to do the right thing and do things right” in all aspects of our business. Looking after our team is a top priority.

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Laying the Foundations for Sustainable Practice

Laying the Foundations for Sustainable Practice

Sustainable design has been a passion of our Director, Jonathan Prince, for decades. So he's feeling pretty chuffed to now have a Sustainability Working Group at Caliber. Led by Design Engineers Paddy Carracher and Colin French, our team of representatives across the...

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