We turned five in February. Our celebrations were stymied by the Covid situation, but we turned five none-the-less.

Caliber Design was born in Auckland in February 2015, the Christchurch branch followed a year later, then Hamilton mid-2018. Over that time, we’ve grown from a team of four engineers, a marketeer, and two directors-come-salesmen, to a team of 35.


We are a company with solid values—this, we’re really proud of. We genuinely want to do the best for our clients and our team. We get involved in fascinating, cutting edge projects throughout the country across multiple industries—materials and food handling, marine, agriculture, defense, to name a few. We invest in the personal development of our team. We employ the ‘cream of the crop’ of engineers, who pass “the Good Bugger test” as well as showing exceptional technical ability and experience.


Our team is diverse in their work experience and lived experience. We have engineers who have studied in India, Brazil, Ireland, Australia, and Canada, and many have worked in different parts of the world. We aim to improve the diversity within our team, as we seek to uncover and eliminate barriers to diversity and inclusion in our systems, practices, and processes.

Long Service

With our birthday came the opportunity to acknowledge our three longest serving team members: Sanjeev Chandriki, Mel Opie, and Brad Clement have been with us since the start.

  • Sanjeev is a genuinely great guy. His attitude and enthusiasm are infectious and he’s an awesome communicator. He can put his hand to anything—pressure vessels, forestry equipment, heavy equipment in pulp and paper industry, food handling, gas and turbine equipment, conveyor systems, powder handling systems, production lines. You name it, he’s done it.
  • Mel has been taking care of our marketing since day one. She helped develop the look and feel of our brand and apply that to our offices, vehicles, clothing. She developed and maintains our website and social media, writes the newsletter, and organises events. Mel sets high standards, is hard working, loyal, and gets things done.
  • Brad is awesome, nothing is a ever problem for him and he always goes the extra mile. Brad is technically brilliant, has great CAD skills, and can flip between projects with ease, be it product design, automation, Navy ships, or materials or food handling. Brad is honest, trustworthy, and the perfect example of a Caliber Good Bugger … and a great surfer!

Client Success

Since our inception in 2015, we’ve worked with over 120 kiwi businesses. Many of these companies are leading the way internationally in what they do. We’ve seen our clients Stabicraft take out a Red Dot award for the Fisher 1600 trailer boat; IMAGR’s Smartcart chosen over an Amazon equivalent; UBCO bikes go from a Fieldays Innovation Award winner to an international brand; and countless other incredible achievements by proud Kiwi businesses.

The Future

As uncertain as the current climate is, we’re excited to be part of an industry that will continue to put New Zealand on the map. We have the skills and experience to support businesses to maintain their manufacturing, or bring their manufacturing back, to New Zealand … develop concepts, design, or FEA … and help get new products to market.

Thanks for being part of our success over the past 5 years. We look forward to continuing to play our role in this great little country of ours.