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Kia Ora!

I’m Angus, and I’ve been working with Caliber since January. I was brought in to write a white paper or two on the applications of computational tools for a few Caliber-related industries. Quickly, this changed to an analysis project with a client in Hamilton.

First, it’s been a great experience coming into Caliber and getting exposed to such a sleek operation—fingers in pies everywhere! (Figuratively, and literally with the apple and pear pie I made with Mel’s fruit before lockdown).

Mechanical Design & Kinetic Sculpture

Working at Caliber has been a significant change of pace for me—since 2016 I’ve been a PhD student at the University of Canterbury, where my research interests have been in machine design, non-linear vibration, dimensional analysis, and composite materials. This has been fantastic work designing a new Len Lye kinetic sculpture titled Flaming Harmonic for the
Gibb’s Farm. Along the way, I’ve repaired the Len Lye Water Whirler sculpture in Wellington—now fitted with a new fibreglass pole and rotary union assembly designed and machined by me. This followed a member of the intelligentsia climbing up and bowling the sculpture into the ocean at the end of 2018. At the end of the project, I got to spend a few days sitting on the waterfront turning the knobs to make the performance look just fantastic. Good fun!

Automated Yield Harvesting

I’ve also been working on a means to automate yield harvesting with my company Yieldtec. My business partner Khalid and I have just taken on a couple interns to help us develop a mobile app which will allow us to conduct field tests with kiwifruit growers in summer 2021.


As of the start of March, I’ve slowly returned to the university to finish the PhD—12 months to the finish line. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this little sojourn and hope to do some more part time projects for Caliber through the year!