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Geoff Blokland is my name and I am excited to come on board with the team at Caliber Design.

I am a born and bred Cantabrian, away from the office I share my love of the outdoors with my wife Mandy. We have a 8Ha block between Templeton and Rolleston in Christchurch where we cater for her equestrian passiondressage. Our kids have moved away from the nest: Jacob is in Adelaide in a second year of PhD in Palaeontology and Jemima is in Wellington working for the Ministry of Education as a speech and language therapist.

My Interests

My interests include the martial arts. I hold a 5th dan ranking in Goju Ryu karate and have a Judo/Jujitsu and kobudo background also. I have my own dojo and teach there a few times per week.

I am also active in off road motorcycles. I have an enduro background and ride Observed Trials generally every weekend and sometimes competitively.  Mandy has nearly as many horses as I have motorbikes, but she is not to know that. 😊

My Career

My career has revolved around manufacturing engineering. I ‘served my time’ as a fitter and turner at CWF Hamilton and Co, finishing off my trade quals and NZCE production and then to Christchurch Polytechnic teaching CAD, the trades and NZCE before it was to be phased out. It was here I came across a character you know of as our beloved “JP” [ed, that’s our Director, Jonathan Prince] … (as a tutor you only remember the good and bad students). Some say this was when I started losing my hair. I then moved onto a range of engineering management positions across a range of industriesCAD reseller, plastics, mining (global), compressed air, roading and construction, and engineering consulting.

I am also a JPI can’t divorce you or marry you off though!


  • Manufacture of 12 qty works race jet units for 1986 world jet boat marathonthe emergence of the bullet type high efficiency impeller hub
  • Youngest foreman in company history at CWF Hamilton & Co (I even married one of the bosses daughters!)
  • International Skill expert (CAD) for Skills Olympics
  • Design and delivery of CPIT’s foundation “3D drawing and Modeling” technical drawing courses (1989)
  • Removing my LH small finger on end of handlebars
  • Modelling and creation of manufacturing drawings for road bitumen sprayer for Fulton Hogan

Loving the work I hear and see you guys do and looking forward to catching up with you all soonest.