Kiwibots “exist to provide opportunities that grow the capability of New Zealand’s future innovators and creative thinkers”. They run a robotics education and competition program throughout New Zealand, with options for primary school kids through to university students.

One of our goals as a company has been to find sustainable ways to support the next generation of engineers. To date, we’ve done this by speaking at tertiary institutions, internships, and sponsoring University prizes. We’re so thrilled to have connected with Kiwibots last year.

In November 2020, Caliber Design Engineer Tim Phillips judged at the Canterbury VIQC & VRC Scrimmage—an event for high school students. Tim was impressed by what the teams produced and how articulate they were in the interviews they had with the judges. He observed a broad range of engineering learning: team communication and management; concepting, prototyping, and testing; design calculation; documentation; hands on building; and programming.

The Kiwibots Nationals have been postponed multiple times due to lockdowns. They’re now running split Nationals, Christchurch 20 March and Auckland 3-4 April. We’re proud that Caliber engineers Tim Phillips and Matt Evans are judging at these events.

We’re really impressed with the program that Kiwibots offer. It’s an organisation fuelled by enthusiastic volunteers, and we challenge other businesses to find out how they can get involved and support our future engineers