CASE STUDY | AIE Dewatering Roller Analysis

Allied Industrial Engineering (AIE) are a heavy mechanical engineering service company specialising in component manufacturing, maintenance and re-engineering services including machining, balancing, fabrication, fitting, design, draughting, and project management.


One of the dewatering rollers that AIE was servicing had a catastrophic failure on site. The client wanted reassurance that AIE’s recommended repair would be good for future use. AIE approached Caliber Design to compare the design of the repaired roller to that of the original roller.

  • The Caliber team performed a detailed FEA (Finite Element Analysis) to compare the stresses of the repaired roller to that of original design. Stresses were compared to the fatigue allowable. Bolts were also checked for fatigue loading applying the Goodman method. Shrink fit dimensions were optimised to maximise the torque of the roller for the given material allowable.
  • Analysis results were validated using Mathcad calculations.
  • The results were summarised in an easily understandable format and design modification recommendations were supplied.
  • On completion of the analysis, the Caliber team provided an easy to understand report, including repair design modifications, to AIE and their client.
  • The client was satisfied that the repaired roller would have a similar safe working life to the original roller, and therefore had the confidence to invest in the repair.
  • AIE completed the repair of the rollers as per new design.

Failure Point on the Roller

Typical Boundary Conditions

Fatigue Loading Analysis

Comparison of Stresses