CASE STUDY | Cavotec MoorMaster Secondment

The Cavotec Group delivers power transmission, distribution and control technologies that form the link between fixed and mobile equipment in the Ports & Maritime, Airports, Mining & Tunneling and General Industry sectors.
Christchurch-based Cavotec MoorMaster has a core business in automated mooring systems which utilise vacuum pads, rather than ropes, to moor vessels.

The Company is respected for its disciplined and well-structured approach to projects, and was asked to cover the design aspect of several projects for another company within the Cavotec Group.

With this temporary peak in workload for Cavotec MoorMaster, it made sense to hire engineers on a contract basis for the project.

Caliber Design provided engineering resource as and when required in order to meet key project milestones. At different times throughout the project, 1, 2 and 3 Caliber engineers were working on secondment in the Cavotec MoorMaster office. Different engineers were assigned based on the skills required for the project. Caliber engineers became part of the Cavotec team and developed a thorough understanding of their product, people, and processes.

The team worked on three different PCA units across two projects, for the aviation sector. These units supply Pre-Conditioned Air to aircraft while on the ground. They reduce operating costs by providing a much more efficient means of cooling than the aircraft’s onboard auxiliary power unit (APU). The Cavotec MoorMaster team covered the complete mechanical design of the units from the ‘Plenums’ where the heat exchange takes place through to the main base frame, motor mounts and sheet metal covers.

Specific tasks carried out by Caliber engineers included:

  • Design and comprehensive finite element analysis (FEA) of the base frame under 3 loading cases.
  • External sheet metal cover sizing and design.
  • Water and refrigeration piping routing and support design for all 3 units.
  • Plenum pressure analysis and detailed design.
  • Liaison with the Cavotec Engineering Services India (CESI) drafting team to generate manufacturing drawings.
  • Engineering drawing generation and revisions to meet production requirements.
With the help of Caliber Design, Cavotec MoorMaster was able to meet agreed deadlines for design deliverables to give the Cavotec production facility the best chance of success on the projects.
Cavotech MoorMaster baseframe analysis
Cavotech MoorMaster baseframe analysis

We really enjoy working with the Caliber team. Their 'nothing is a problem', flexible attitude is a reflection of their staff and organisation. The ability to bring in some firepower at peak loading times into our office just makes real efficient sense for us. The Caliber team came up to speed quickly on our design tools and processes to help us deliver.

Jamie Wilson

Engineering Manager, Cavotec MoorMaster

The base frame geometry, simplified for the finite element analysis.

A stress profile plot from the FEA of the base frame under a 3 point lift, 1.5G acceleration loading condition.