CASE STUDY | Ducting Development

Protech Stainless is a Hamilton-based engineering and fabrication company that produces high quality stainless steel products for the dairy industry in New Zealand and Australia. They fabricate stainless steel products for other industries too, including food, wine and brewery, waterworks and architecture.

  • Protech Stainless have capabilities in SolidWorks CAD software but required support for a project based in Autodesk Inventor format.
  • For a one-off project it can be difficult to justify investment or training in a new CAD system, and converting to another CAD format carries additional overhead. Completing the project in native Inventor Format was an attractive option to reduce time to deliver.
  • The project scope was working from supplied Client data of 3 large, 2-meter diameter stainless steel duct systems, making changes to support manufacture, and creating flat pattern DXF’s for laser cutting.
  • Caliber provided an engineer with experience in Inventor, as well as a CAD licence for the project.
  • The engineer was able to ‘hit the ground running’, providing fast delivery of design objectives.
  • Caliber worked remotely on this project. Existing processes for remote working ensured effective communication and design reviews.
  • Caliber remained within budget and completed the project on schedule.
  • The client was able to complete the project without requiring investment in file conversion, software, or training.
Cavotech MoorMaster baseframe analysis

Caliber’s engineer was very helpful, and helped us get out of a challenging situation with a cost effective solution. The results provided were very accurate.

Tony Brinkworth

Director, Protech Stainless