ROCKLABS supply sample preparation equipment to mining clients, commercial laboratories, and research institutions. The equipment includes crushers, pulverizers, and sample dividers for the mining of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. They also create custom solutions.


ROCKLABS design and manufacture systems, equipment, and materials that are widely used across the mining and mineral processing industries. In early to mid-2014, they were developing an automated sample preparation processing line and, with an already heavy workload, needed extra resource to complete the project within the required timeframe.


ROCKLABS contracted Caliber Design to assist them in the design and drafting phases of the project, taking on three staff in a seconded role.

Caliber was responsible for gaining a comprehensive understanding of the problem and communicating between management, the design team, and workshop staff to develop a successful solution. They were involved from the design embodiment phase through to printing and collating drawings for manufacture.

A major focus of Caliber’s work was the development of the pulp conveyor. This machine section is responsible for the delivery and accumulation of sample vessels which receive the crushed product. This machine has the capability to merge and split conveyor lines, side-shift sample vessels between belts, and deliver sample vessels on demand to and from the filling head. Continuous throughput and the capability to run 24/7 meant that a robust design with high reliability was paramount. Another key requirement was design for operator health and safety. With reference to relevant health and safety guidelines, a number of both passive and active guarding solutions were incorporated.


The final result was that ROCKLABS were able to release their product within the required time-frame without over-stretching the capacity of their permanent design team.

ROCKLABS Pulp Conveyor
ROCKLABS Pulp Conveyor

Caliber provided the engineering skills we needed, when we needed them. Their engineers were able to hit the ground running, which eased the load on our core staff and enabled us to meet our project deadlines.

Andrew Mowlem

Engineering Manager, ROCKLABS