CASE STUDY | Ruru Transmission Tower

JP Marshall are experienced steel fabricators and providers of industrial engineering services. They specialise in equipment for grain handling, silos and conveyors, cement handling, machine manufacture, and large-scale fabrication.


After a weather event in Hamilton brought down the Ruru Transmission Tower, JP Marshall were engaged to assist in repair of the damaged sections. The top three sections of the tower had been torn free and the lower sections required reinforcing.

Specifications for the repair had been detailed and needed to be converted into CAD models and drawings for manufacture.


Caliber Design were utilised to supplement the capacity of JPM’s design team, developing a 3D model of the transmission tower with detailed parts and assemblies of the top three replacement sections. Modifications to strengthen the design of the tower were incorporated, along with access ladders, hatches, and a maintenance platform. Drawings for manufacture were then produced from the models and used by JP Marshall to fabricate parts for repair.


Caliber’s engineers provided the resource required to convert repair specifications into detailed manufacturing instructions, enabling construction of the tower repairs. The replacement sections were lifted in by helicopter and the tower was restored to working order, strengthened against damage from future rough weather events.  

Cavotech MoorMaster baseframe analysis