Having experienced the Canterbury Earthquakes and now Covid, we know that our project-based / seconded-engineering business model works, especially in times of crisis. But we’re now expanding that model, and partnering with other engineering companies throughout NZ, to develop resource ‘collaboratives‘ to share design engineering resource. 

Resource Collaboratives, or sharing resources, helps business owners:

  • manage peaks and troughs.
  • keep their key people employed through challenging times.
  • avoid the risks and hassle of hiring new staff.
  • develop a network of highly skilled and flexible engineers.
  • get new perspectives on design problems.

Resource Collaboratives provide many benefits for the engineers: they learn from gaining experience with different teams, businesses, industries, and design methodologies and processes. It means more variety, job security, and a wider network.

For NZ Inc, sharing skills and talent through Resource Collaboratives means that skills and experience are cross-pollinated throughout industry and a stronger skill base is the result. Upskilling across the industry occurs while businesses collaborate and support each other to deliver their projects on time, on spec, and on budget.

This model is working effectively and providing peace of mind for multiple businesses. If you’re interested in finding out more, have a chat with our Directors, Wayne or Jonathan.