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When clients contact us for the first time, they often have the same issue: they can’t find good design engineers. After they’ve used our service, the response is “what’s your secret?”

“Cailber have nailed the selection and vetting of great talent”. Mark Robotham, CEO, Stackflo

A new approach to project resourcing

Caliber Design is a mechanical design consultancy that provides project-based design engineering services. Our team of highly skilled and experienced engineers are based in Auckland, Hamilton, and Christchurch. Our engineers work with clients on a project-by-project basis … this means our clients can upsize their team with the exact skills they need, when they need them.

What IS the secret?

We have a great team, with a breadth and depth of engineering experience that is hard to beat. Our team experience spans multiple industries, including aerospace, materials and food handling, packaging, marine, agriculture, and medical. It’s a big ask for engineers to move between project and industries. That’s why Caliber employs engineers who have great “people skills” as well as top technical ability. Our team is agile, adaptable, and brings innovative design thinking to every project. We have a rigorous recruitment process, thorough induction, solid processes, ongoing training, and robust values that underpin everything that we do.

What’s the benefit of project-based resource?

By using project-based resource, our clients find they can make more efficient use of their resource, reduce their costs, reduce their overheads, and get their projects completed on time. Clients appreciate that our engineers work on site, as part of their team. And also, the fact that we can supply the hardware and software they need too! It takes the HR hassle out of the equation. They get the resource they need, when they need it. We handle the rest.

Mitigate risk

Whether clients need help with concepts, design, or FEA, we have qualified engineers who can help. We work with them to reduce their risk and make better products.

One of our areas of expertise is Simulation—using engineering analysis to simulate the life of a design before it hits production. With FEA and CFD, we can road test your design before going anywhere near a production facility. Do these parts fit together? What impact will freezing temperatures have on this part? How will my design handle intense vibration? Questions like this can be answered, and the design tweaked and re-tested—all virtually! This way, the expensive process of physical prototyping is only done when you have confidence in your design.

Hassle-free resourcing

We’re seeing rocketing demand for our service, with some of New Zealand’s most well-known and successful businesses enjoying having Caliber engineers assist them with their design work: Stabicraft, Fonterra, Trimble, Shotover Camera Systems, Sanitarium, Scott Automation, AIM Altitude, Babcock, to name a few.

If you have a looming deadline, a shortage of resource, or a tricky engineering problem you’re trying to solve … drop us a line. We’re sure to have a design engineer who can help you out.