This year we’ve setup a Sustainability Working Group, to look at our sustainability practices across the company—from the ink we use, to the suppliers we choose, to the recommendations we make to our clients about machine design.

We’re developing our local supply chain knowledge, defining our own sustainable design philosophy, and developing a sustainable design guide. We’re doing this by researching best practice, connecting with industry bodies like the Sustainable Business Network, and sharing knowledge with great businesses with a similar focus. 

Some other sustainability initiatives we’re looking at:

  • The Christchurch team spent the morning planting trees at Orton Bradley Park with Trees for Canterbury. A way to give back to our community, get some fresh air, and enjoy a team activity. The Auckland team were all set to do a tree planting mission too, but it was interrupted by lockdown.
  • We’ve done a wellbeing survey of our team, to assess how supported they feel, what their health and wellbeing needs are, how effective our current wellbeing initiatives are, and how they feel about the company.
  • We’ve been in touch with some different organisations that we’d like to support through mentoring and sponsorship. A priority of ours is to support STEM projects in lower decile schools. We look forward to working with Nanogirl and Kiwibots in the future.

We have a cross functional team working on this project, to ensure all facets of the business are included. We look forward to sharing the rewards with our clients in due course.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”
– Albert Einstein, Physicist