At Caliber Design we don’t want to just exist, we want to thrive and help our clients and community thrive too. Throughout 2020, our Sustainability Working Group has been doing the hard work to look at and improve our environmental and social credentials in all aspects of the way we do business.

Here are some of our latest initiatives and progress:

  • DEVELOPING OUR GOOD DESIGN KNOWLEDGE has been a focus. Good design is not just designing functionally and cost-effectively, it also considers impacts on society and the environment. We have been collating best practices from a wide array of sources and experts to establish our own Sustainable Design Philosophy and accompanying Best Practice Design Manual. We hope to have these processes released and integrated into our team by early 2021. As with all of our processes and systems, we are more than happy to share these with our clients so that we can learn and develop together.
  • COMMUNITY SUPPORT & DEVELOPOMENT. Supporting STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) is a priority and focus. STEM initiatives aim to develop and futureproof the knowledge and skills of the younger generations within our community. We regularly support AUT, University of Auckland, ARA, and UC through judging, mentoring and sponsorship, and are looking forward to working with Kiwibots and Nanogirl in the future.
  • INTERNAL DEVELOPMENT & COACHING. We realise that for our company to be successful we need to foster and continually develop our team. We are always working to provide the best solutions to our clients. By providing support to our new engineers, our new buddy system aims to incorporate new members into our team with ease. We’ve run a stress management workshop for the whole team and our leadership team are working through a CliftonStrengths program.

ARTICLE BY  Paddy Carracher, Sustainability Working Group