With the recent interruption to manufacturing by measures against COVID-19, now is an ideal time to consider virtual prototyping through FEA. FEA is a cost-effective way to evaluate the performance of your design over its lifetime, before going anywhere near a production facility.

Develop Faster

Reduce your prototyping costs and wait times by simulating the effects of real-world events on your design. Whether you are interested in stress, vibration, fatigue, heat or creep; these conditions can all be addressed through analysis. Simulation makes retesting of a modified design easy, allowing for incredibly fast iterations outside of the typical manufacturing cycle.

Build Confidence

By conducting analysis of your product, you can build confidence in the design before committing to manufacture. FEA is cheaper and more accessible than ever, however the skill required to perform accurate and reliable analysis remains unchanged. By engaging with an experienced analyst, you can have confidence in the speed and accuracy of the results.

Be More Resilient

As analysis can be conducted remotely, it is a smart way to de-risk against potential delays and disruptions to ordinary business operations. While physical testing is always strongly advisable, prior simulation work can mean the difference between success and failure for a given physical prototype. By incorporating FEA into your development process, development cost and time to market can be dramatically reduced.

This period has highlighted the importance of being agile, and FEA provides an excellent means to design with greater speed and certainty. These days, there is an increasing presence of cloud-based analysis packages, giving access to powerful processing capability from any web browser. If you’d like to talk more about how FEA can be used to improve your development process, feel free to get in touch.